Pierce Brosnan's James Bond revealed as the 'deadliest by far'

Pierce Brosnan (Credit: Eon)
Pierce Brosnan (Credit: Eon)

Daniel Craig might be the most brooding, tortured Bond, but in terms of deadliness, he’s got some catching up to do.

In fact, it’s Pierce Brosnan’s 90s Bond which has the most blood on his tuxedo.

According to numbers crunched by Betway Casinos (via Forbes), Brosnan dispatched as hefty 135 bad guys and henchmen over just four movies.

Considering the 405 deaths in total over the entire movie series, that’s a huge number.

Second highest on the murdering scale is Roger Moore, lagging behind with just 90 kills under his belt (not helped by the single kill seen in The Man With The Golden Gun).

Least deadly were George Lazenby, which stands to reason given his single appearance, and Timothy Dalton, who managed 23 kills over two movies.

Daniel Craig (Credit: Sony)
Daniel Craig (Credit: Sony)

Craig may be heartened, however, with the title of being the most drunk Bond.

He’s smashed down 85 units of alcohol over four films, managing an impressive 26 drinks in Casino Royale alone.

Craig will be next up as 007 in the so-far untitled Bond 25, due out on February 14, 2020, to be directed by Cary Fukunaga.

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