Pinocchio's Guillermo del Toro announces new Netflix movie

guillermo del toro
Guillermo del Toro announces new Netflix movieGilbert Flores - Getty Images

When Guillermo del Toro made Pinocchio with Netflix, it was a groundbreaking success. So much so that it even bagged itself an Oscar nomination. So it’s no surprise that Netflix is back in business with the prolific director.

According to Deadline, del Toro will adapt and direct yet another animated feature for the streaming service. And this time, he’s turning to The Buried Giant, which will be based on the fantasy novel written by Nobel Prize-winning British writer Kazuo Ishiguro.

The novel follows an elderly British couple whose names are Axl and Beatrice. They live in a fictional post-Arthurian England in which no one is able to retain long-term memories.

guillermo del toro
Gilbert Flores - Getty Images

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Del Toro will direct as well as produce. He will also be co-writing the script with Matilda The Musical writer Dennis Kelly. Stop-motion animation studio ShadowMachine will be working on this film, just like it was for Pinocchio.

Netflix’s film chairman Scott Stuber said of the project in a statement: “Guillermo del Toro is a visionary filmmaker and master of his craft. We couldn’t be more proud of the prestigious recognition for his Pinocchio, and we’re pleased to continue our creative partnership as he develops his next project with Netflix.”

The director also shared his excitement, saying: “The Buried Giant continues my animation partnership with Netflix and our pursuit of stop-motion as a medium to tell complex stories and build limitless worlds.”

guillermo del toro
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“It is a great honour and greater responsibility for me to direct this screenplay which Dennis Kelly and I are adapting from Kazuo Ishiguro’s profound and imaginative novel,” he added.

When Pinocchio released on Netflix, it was praised by critics and viewers alike, with many hailing it to be a masterpiece. The film is currently up for an Oscar in the Best Animated Feature category.

A release date has not been announced for The Buried Giant.

Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio is currently streaming on Netflix.

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