Pre-CGI Dan Stevens from Beauty and the Beast is unintentionally hilarious

Ben Arnold
Stevens… looked pretty hilarious in his mo-cap suit on Beauty and the Beast – Credit: Disney

How anyone could keep a straight face on the set of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ is truly beyond us.

Footage has emerged online of what Emma Watson had to act opposite in every scene she shared with former Downton Abbey star Dan Stevens.

And, as you can see, it was pretty ludicrous.

We didn’t expect him to be wearing full furs and a pair of prosthetic hooves, but nevertheless, his bulky mo-cap suit and strange bouncy stilt shoes must have proved something of a distraction for his co-star.

(Credit: Disney)

So full respect is due to Ms Watson for her composure on set, not to mention that of Stevens, who, frankly, must have been roasting.

“It was an ordeal, for my calf muscles alone,” he admits in the clip from the DVD extras.

(Credit: Disney)

Only this week, the movie entered the list of the top 10 highest-grossing films of all time.

This accolade came thanks to the eye-watering $1.2 billion it’s made since its release, just shy of ‘Frozen’s $1.28 billion.

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