Quint actor Robert Shaw's son pulls out a stunning impersonation of his father in 'Jaws'

Ben Arnold
Robert Shaw in Jaws (Credit: Universal)
Robert Shaw in Jaws (Credit: Universal)

Robert Shaw's son Ian is a chip off the old block.

The offspring of the acting legend, who died in 1978 at just 51, is performing his play The Shark Is Broken, based on his father's experiences making Jaws, at this year's Edinburgh Festival.

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And to say thank you to fan website The Daily Jaws for its support in a recent review for an Edinburgh preview performance of the show in Brighton, he recorded a special message.

To say that it's uncanny doesn't quite do it justice.

Shaw’s performance of the infamous USS Indianapolis speech is also stunningly eerie.

Per the play's synopsis: “For much of the filming of JAWS the mechanical shark was broken, and the three stars, Robert Shaw, Richard Dreyfuss and Roy Scheider, found themselves quartered on the Orca - the famously small shark-hunting boat - for hours on end awaiting their scenes. The play, inspired by the private diaries of Robert Shaw, hilariously reveals the true relationships, the secret clashes and intrigues behind the legendary movie.”

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While Shaw plays his own father, actor Duncan Henderson plays Roy Scheider while Liam Murray Scott plays Dreyfuss, with the galley of the shark hunting boat recreated on stage.

Shaw pieced together the events from his father's journals and also from extensive articles that have opened up the making of Steven Spielberg's breakthrough movie, which, more often than not, featured a broken animatronic shark.

The Shark Is Broken, which has just received a five-star review in The Times, debuts in Edinburgh tomorrow night at the Assembly George Square Studios, running until August 25.