Rachel McAdams practised medical stitching on the set of Doctor Strange

Marvel’s latest cinematic effort, the Benedict Cumberbatch-starring ‘Doctor Strange’, has proven a big hit, and star Rachel McAdams has revealed the odd thing she’d indulge in while bored on set.


Speaking to Look magazine (via The List), McAdams, who plays nurse Christine Palmer in the Marvel movie, shared the unusual thing she did to entertain herself while filming the mind-bending film which allowed her to also invest in the role.

The actress revealed she was keen to embrace the nurse persona: “My mum was a nurse and I just don’t possess that gene so I was always fascinated. It’s a job that takes so much guts,” she said.

During those long hours on-set, McAdams said she’d found a new hobby to pass the time and help her relax: "I shadowed a really great female neurosurgeon in Toronto and one in London, who taught me how to do stitches. It was very meditative, like knitting.”

We can just picture Cumberbatch casually walking by in full outfit and cloak as McAdams sits there entranced in her handy work.

But, according to the ‘Spotlight’ actress, it not only relaxed her but got her into character:

“When I was bored on set, I would just pull out my… stitching wire? I don’t even know what it’s called; some doctor I am. But I would practise and it was great to jump into another world.”


Having appeared in some 30+ roles, she admitted her love for sampling different lives and indeed the jobs her characters have: "I think it’s the thing I love most about my job, that you get to live so many lives in one lifetime.”

While her part in ‘Doctor Strange’ has been praised, some fans were let down by how little she featured - considering how she lit up the screen in the few scenes she was in. Hopefully we’ll get to see more of her in the MCU, especially if Marvel go ahead with ‘Doctor Strange 2′ or even develop a ‘Night Nurse’ spin-off.

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Picture credit: Disney/Marvel