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America Ferrera “assaulted” at Cannes

Notorious nuisance Vitalii Sediuk had already taken on Will Smith, Bradley Cooper, and Leonardo DiCaprio in different “red carpet attacks”, but the Ukrainian prankster’s attempt to look up America Ferrera’s skirt at Cannes in 2014 was a step too far. Many called for the “journalist” to be charged with sexual assault after Ferrera was left visibly shaken by the incident, and he was fired by his TV network. (Credit: Rex)

The 10 Most WTF Red Carpet Disasters

The red carpet is for strutting, po-faced modelling poses and general showing off. So when things go awry, and the mask rather awkwardly falls off, it’s brilliant. 

Let’s relive some of the delicious moments when celebrities have looked at their most daft in front of their adoring public…