James Bond To Return In 2018 - And He May Still Be Daniel Craig

A new report suggests that James Bond will not be back on the big screen for at least another two years, and that when he does return, it’s still possible that Daniel Craig may remain in the role.


According to The Sun, series producer Barbara Broccoli has two other features in the works, and intends to focus on those for now.

An unnamed source says, “Barbara is not going to be rushed into a Bond and wants to work on two other film projects next year. It will give her time to work out a script and try to convince Daniel to maybe return.”

The report also claims that, as has been rumoured, actors Jack Huston, Aidan Turner, James Norton and Theo James have all met with the Bond producers and/or auditioned for the role.

However, no such claim is made about Jamie Bell, who appears in Broccoli’s in-production ‘Film Stars Never Die,’ and has previously been rumoured as a possible (though unlikely) candidate for 007.

Despite the massive surge in Bond casting rumours in recent months, Craig has still yet to officially relinquish the role - although after that notorious “I’d rather slash my wrists” remark that was widely circulated late last year, many naturally assumed he’d had his fill of it.

However, Craig also remarked “I reserve the right to change my mind.”

Of course, we might note that Idris Elba – a popular choice for the next 007 in some quarters – seemed to rule himself out this week by declaring that, at 43, he considered himself “too old” to take over as Bond.

With that in mind, by 2018, Daniel Craig will be 50 - which might also bring into question whether or not recasting would be a good idea overall. After all, the last thing anyone wants is a repeat of the last days of Roger Moore - aged 57, and looking even older, in his last Bond movie, ‘A View To A Kill.’

Picture Credit: MGM/Sony

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