Rob Lowe says new TV series will portray Brexit Britain

US actor Rob Lowe arrives for the PaleyFest presentation of NBC's "Parks and Recreation" 10th Anniversary Reunion at the Dolby theatre on March 21, 2019 in Hollywood. (Photo by Chris Delmas / AFP) (Photo credit should read CHRIS DELMAS/AFP/Getty Images)

Hollywood star Rob Lowe has said his new Lincolnshire based TV series will tackle Brexit Britain.

Low plays an abrasive American police chief who relocates to Boston in ITV’s Wild Bill, which starts this week.

Talking to the Sunday Mirror’s Notebook magazine, the 55-year-old was asked what he thought about Boston. He said: “It was great. Any time you can get into a unique, authentic and honest world like that, it makes for really good television.

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“The notion of setting this show in Lincolnshire was brilliant. Firstly, I’m not sure it’s ever been depicted on television, and then the notion of bringing someone like me in to do it is even more bizarre!

“Partly, it’s a look at Brexit Britain; what people’s priorities are, what’s important to them.”

In the show Lowe plays Bill Hixon, who is manoeuvering life in a new part of the world with a fourteen-year-old daughter to look after.

The actor says he enjoyed a ‘warm’ welcome in Lincolnshire, with locals turning up to watch the show being filmed. He said: “Yeah, I’d be right in the middle of a scene and someone would go ‘That’s Rob Lowe, love!’ It was great.

“The people were so warm and genuine and so excited.”

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But the former West Wing star said British film fans were not always quite so welcoming. He said: “When I was at the height of my teen idol-dom, and I couldn’t go anywhere in the world without people going crazy, I would come to England and there would be nothing… I’d think, ‘Wait a minute. What is going on?’

Rob Lowe at Cannes Film Festival in 1989. (Photo by URLI/GARCIA/ARNAL/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images)

“Then somebody told me, ‘The British take a long time to accept someone, but when they do it’s for life.’ And I have found that to be true.

“Now, I have so much opportunity here and I feel so welcomed.”

Wild Bill, which also stars Rachael Stirling and Angela Griffin, will start at 9pm on ITV this Wednesday (12 June).