Robert Pattinson nearly punched a director for putting him through 'some kind of torture'

Hanna Flint
Robert Pattinson nearly punched a director

Robert Pattinson seems like one of the most chill guys in Hollywood but even he has his limits.

The actor admitted as much during an interview with Willem Dafoe for Interview magazine, in which he recalled the time he nearly hit a director.

The director in question was Robert Eggers who directed both Pattinson and Dafoe in upcoming drama The Lighthouse – about an aging lighthouse keeper named Old (Dafoe) who lives in early 20th-century Maine.

Dafoe recalled a particular aspect of the production where they were both being constantly sprayed with water.

“That’s the closest I’ve come to punching a director,” Pattinson responded. “However much I love Robert [Eggers], there was a point where I did five takes walking across the beach, and after a while I was like, ‘What the f**k is going on? I feel like you’re just spraying a fire hose in my face.’

Robert Eggers put Robert Pattinson through the mill on The Lighthouse set

“And he was like, ‘I am spraying a fire hose in your face,'” he added. “It was like some kind of torture.”

Eggers famously wrote and directed the critically-acclaimed horror The Witch (starring Anya Taylor-Joy) and The Lighthouse is his sophomore feature.

The script was co-written with his brother Max Eggers and shot in April, on location in Nova Scotia, Canada, on black and white 35 mm film.

“It’s set in 1890, and we’re shooting on 35mm black and white stock, virtually unheard of nowadays,” said the film’s editor Louise Ford. “Most black and white movies are shot in colour, and then converted to black and white in post. The dailies look beautiful; it’s very exciting.”

High Life is Pattinson’s next film to be released

High Life is the next film Pattinson can be seen in, from French director Claire Denis and co-starring Andre Benjamin, Mia Goth and Juliette Binoche.

The sci-fi thriller follows criminals sent to space to work, in a bid to reduce their sentences, only to suffer terrible consequences during their trip.

It’s the first time Denis has made an English language film and it has earned rave reviews since it premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival.

High Life will be released in 2019.

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