The Rock charges studios $1m to tweet about his own movies

Dwayne Johnson (Credit: DPA)
Dwayne Johnson (Credit: DPA)

Say what you will about The Rock, you can’t argue with the man’s business acumen.

And if studios want Dwayne Johnson to use his extensive social media network to promote the movie he’s starring in, from now on they’ll have to pay. Big time.

Written into his contract is a fee of $1 million for access to his followers. That’s around £736,000.

In a wider piece about current earnings in Hollywood, Variety got the scoop on the former WWE star’s latest lucrative hustle.

“Want access to Johnson’s 104 million Instagram followers? It’s going to cost you,” it writes.

“The Rampage star is asking for a $1 million social-media fee as part of his package for the upcoming Red Notice; that includes promoting the film on the likes of Twitter and Facebook.”

(Credit: New Line)
(Credit: New Line)

Way to monetise your fanbase, Dwayne. Luckily, he does have the aptitude for an amusing Instagram post.

Celebs have long used their social media channels to make money, with product placements and endorsements now commonplace.

But to charge a studio to tweet about his own movie is an inspired move by The Rock, increasingly more of a Hollywood mogul than merely a film star.

His production company Seven Bucks Productions – so named after the amount of money he had in his wallet after he was cut from the Canadian Football League in 1995 – has snagged a production credit on a raft of his recent movies, including Rampage, Baywatch, and the box office smash Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle.

Co-founded with his ex-wife Dany Garcia, it launched its own advertising company last year, and is likely to ensure that he remains among Hollywood’s highest-paid actors.

He landed at number two on the annual Forbes list last year, with a personal haul of $65 million.

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