Ron Perlman Pushing Hard For Cable Role In Deadpool 2

Stephen Lang and Dolph Lundgren have already made it known they’re keen on playing Cable in the ‘Deadpool’ sequel; now, another older Hollywood heavyweight has thrown his hat into the ring.

Yes, it seems a lot of fans favour Ron Perlman for the role - and he’s been taking to social media to make it abundantly clear he’s up for it.

To this end, the 66-year old actor has been sharing a lot of fan art on his Facebook page, complete with some colourful captions (in other words, he swears quite a lot).

Perlman shared this image, noting, “I’m the only one with Cable’s friggin HAIR!”

With this one Perlman noted, “Some cool fan art courtesy of BossLogic Inc. Make a muthaf***a say hmmmmm!”

And, surely the best caption of all: “ Actually, now that i think about it, Cable should be wanting to f***ing play ME!”

Well, with his history in the ‘Hellboy’ movies and ‘Blade II,’ Perlman’s obviously no stranger to comic book movies - and, as should be abundantly clear, he has a ribald sense of humour to match that of Ryan Reynolds’ Merc with a Mouth.

Are 20th Century Fox taking note? We shall wait and see.

The as-yet untitled ‘Deadpool’ sequel is provisionally set to hit cinemas sometime in 2017.

Picture Credit: Marvel/Ron Perlman

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