Rupert Grint admits he’s been 'taking it easy' since Harry Potter ended

Tom Butler
Senior Editor

Rupert Grint is promoting his new film ‘Postman Pat: The Movie’, in which he does the voice for Josh, a talent show contestant.

As he admits himself, voice work is “cushy” (“You just turn up and say some lines”) and the actor who earned worldwide fame for playing Ron Weasley in ‘Harry Potter’ has been happy taking it easy since the franchise finished back in 2011.

“Harry Potter was fun, but it really did take over” he told us. “It’s nice to just slow down a bit, just do something here and there. I did a play recently that was a new experience. I’m just enjoying doing new things and learning more, and it’s good.”

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We ask if he can sit back and enjoy the money he earned from appearing in eight 'Harry Potter’ films (he’s reportedly worth £24 million).

“I dunno. I guess so, but it’s never really an option for me, I think I’d get… I am quite lazy, so I think I would get bored.

"It’s really nice to have that security. I feel very lucky for that and grateful that I’m able to just relax a little bit and not rush into everything at once.”

Grint’s projects after ‘Potter’ range from the brave to the bizarre. He starred alongside Shia LaBeouf in challenging indie ‘Charlie Countrymen’… and he also bought himself an ice cream van.

He’s had supporting roles in a couple of small films (‘CBGB’ and ‘Into the White’), a few bits of voice work and a TV pilot.

He’s not enjoyed the post-Potter successes of his former co-stars Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson, but Grint doesn’t envy his former co-stars’ careers.
"Not really. We’re all so different. We all support each other and that kind of works. I saw Dan recently at the What’s On Stage Awards. It’s good to catch up with him.

"We spent so much time together, every day, for 10 years, it’s nice to get a bit of space. We’ll always have a special bond, but it’s nice to explore new things individually.”

Compared the likes of LaBeouf for example, who has joined the endless list of Hollywood child stars to behave erratically after growing up, Grint just seems like a normal 20-something lad enjoying his good fortune (literally).

He attributes this to the ‘Harry Potter’ films staying in Britain during their production.

“We were lucky it was just Watford! I think if we’d been in Hollywood… we’ve all managed to stay quite grounded and normal, as opposed to the stereotype of going off the rails.”
‘Postman Pat’ is in cinemas now. Watch the trailer below.