Ryan Gosling calls Eva Mendes his 'hero'

When Ryan Gosling was asked who his heroes were, he gave a sweet shout-out to his longtime love, Eva Mendes.

"Well, Eva, obviously," Gosling replied during an interview with Men's Health published on Monday 22 April.

The Barbie star noted that his priorities always lie with Mendes, 50, and their daughters Esmeralda, nine, and Amada, seven.

"I often think about what's going to matter to me on my deathbed, that I did and that I didn't do. It puts things into perspective," he shared.

"It always comes back to family first. I don't think I'll regret anything professionally, but I do think when it comes to Eva and the girls, they come first."

After being friends for years, sparks started to fly between Gosling and Mendes while they filmed The Place Beyond the Pines together in 2011. They were spotted spending quality time together after working on the project.

In September 2014, the notoriously private couple welcomed their first daughter. The twosome welcomed their second daughter two years later.

Mendes isn't Gosling's only hero though, as he explained to the fitness magazine.

"And my uncle Bill. When I was in school, he said, 'I'm gonna put all your achievements in a scrapbook,'" he recalled. "I didn't want the scrapbook to stay empty. Uncle Bill believed in me at a time when I didn't really believe in myself."