Ryan Reynolds advises fans against watching 'Green Lantern'

Green Lantern (Credit: Warner Bros)
Green Lantern (Credit: Warner Bros)

What is Ryan Reynolds' advice for if you're planning to watch his ill-feted Green Lantern movie?


Asked by a fan over the weekend whether he should stream the movie, at the low-low price of 99 cents, the answer was decisive.

Indeed, the star of Deadpool wasn't always being bathed in glory and adulation in the realm of the superhero movie.

Back in 2011, when Reynolds was probably best known for being Van Wilder: Party Liaison, he dipped his toe into the world of DC Comics to play Green Lantern.

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He played fighter pilot Hal Jordan, who later becomes intergalactic peacekeeper Green Lantern, opposite Mark Strong's Sinestro and Peter Sarsgaard's brainiac supervillain Hector Hammond.

Reynolds beat the likes of Chris Pine, Sam Worthington, Bradley Cooper, Jared Leto and Justin Timberlake to the role.

But those gents dodged a significant bullet – helmed by GoldenEye and Casino Royale director Martin Campbell, it went terribly, with critics giving it a pretty universal mauling.

Deadpool (Credit: Fox)
Deadpool (Credit: Fox)

More painful for Warner Bros, however, was the the box office performance, with the movie making $219 million (£176 million) on a $200 million (£161 million) production budget.

Factoring in the vast number of other costs, it fell rather short of the $500 million (around £400 million) it would have needed to have been considered a success.

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As such, plans for a sequel were shelved.

Luckily, Reynolds bounced back, played Deadpool in 2016 (and reprising the role for Deadpool 2 in 2018), to widespread acclaim and box office glory.