Ryan Reynolds making 'Stoned Alone', an R-rated stoner reworking of 'Home Alone'

Ryan Reynolds (Credit: Rex)
Ryan Reynolds (Credit: Rex)

Ryan Reynolds is throwing his weight behind new project Stoned Alone, a ‘hard R’ rated stoner comedy reimagining of Home Alone.

The Deadpool star is to produce the movie for Fox via his own production company Maximum Effort, with Augustine Frizzell behind the camera, director of recent raunchy teen comedy Never Goin’ Back.

According to Deadline, the plot will mirror that of the John Hughes classic, which starred Macaulay Culkin as the boy accidentally left behind when his family go away for the holidays, who has to set booby traps to foil a pair of hapless burglars.

It will centre around a 20-something, weed-growing stoner who missed the flight for a winter ski trip.

Home Alone (Credit: Fox)
Home Alone (Credit: Fox)

Making the most of his time alone, he gets high, and then becomes paranoid that his house is being broken into – which, it turns out, it actually is.

Stoned, he attempts to defend his home from the would-be larcenists.

The original movie landed in 1990, and made turned child star Macaulay Culkin into worldwide sensation.

It made a stunning $477 million, nearly $1 billion in today’s money, and spawned a number of sequels, including Home Alone 2: Lost In New York, with its now infamous cameo from Donald Trump, and the less well regarded Home Alone 3 in 1997.

2002’s Home Alone 4: Taking Back the House was the first instalment to not get a theatrical release and starred Third Rock From The Sun’s French Stewart (the squinty guy) as Wet Bandit Marv, and Missi Pyle as his parter-in-crime wife Vera.

That was followed in 2012 with Home Alone: The Holiday Heist which featured Clockwork Orange’s Malcolm McDowell as one of the burglars.

It went straight-to-DVD.

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