Sacha Baron Cohen says he's finished with disguises after 'Borat 2' scare

Borat Subsequent Moviefilm (Credit: Amazon)
Borat Subsequent Moviefilm (Credit: Amazon)

Sacha Baron Cohen has said that he's done with elaborate disguises, after he found himself in serious hot water during the making of Borat Subsequent Moviefilm.

Cohen dressed up as a ridiculous-looking country singer – complete with a bulletproof vest under his dungarees – for a rally of the right-wing Three Percenters militia group for a scene in the movie.

He then proceeded to lead the willing crowd in singing a racist song, before being quickly extracted from the rally after being recognised.

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Speaking to NPR, he said: “At some point, your luck runs out. And so I never wanted to do this stuff again. I can't.”

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He went on: “I remember putting on the bulletproof vest before the scene, looking in the mirror of a nearby hotel, and … I remember asking the makeup guy, 'Do you think I’m going to get shot today?' And he’s like, 'No, no, no, no.' I said, 'Well, why am I putting on the bulletproof vest then?' And he didn’t really have an answer.”

In a scene not featured in the movie, Cohen is seen making a swift exit from the stage into a waiting van.

However, it's soon set upon by some of the rally-goers, Cohen having to pull the door closed as they try and break into the van.

“We did it because there was a deeply unethical government in power,” he added, explaining why he did the stunt in the first place. “We had to do what we could to inspire people to vote and remind people of the immorality of the government prior to the election.”

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Cohen is up for a Golden Globe for his performance in the movie, and for another for his role in The Trail of the Chicago 7.

The awards take place on 28 February.

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