Sacha Baron Cohen plotting a Trump University movie

Sacha Baron Cohen (Credit: Rex)
Sacha Baron Cohen (Credit: Rex)

Sacha Baron Cohen, the comedy genius behind Borat and Ali G, is taking aim at Donald Trump for his next project.

In a cryptic clip posted on his Twitter page, the British actor presented ‘a message from your President @realDonaldTrump on Independence Day’, to celebrate July 4.

It shows an archive clip of Trump from the desk in his former office in Trump Tower, explaining how he’d like Baron Cohen to be ‘punched in the face so many times, he’d be in the hospital’.

“Sacha Baron Cohen, go to school, learn about being funny,” Trump adds.

Titles then reveal ‘Sacha graduates… soon’, before a logo from Trump’s long-defunct Trump University is shown on screen.

Who knows what it all means but, for the record, Baron Cohen did go to school to learn about being funny.

He attended the École Philippe Gaulier, the revered clown school outside Paris, in the 90s.

That aside, Baron Cohen has had some previous run-ins with Trump.

He made a fool of the now-US president on Da Ali G Show in 2003, with one of his spoof interviews, during which he pitched him a business proposition making ‘ice cream gloves’.

Cohen later said during an interview on The Late Show in 2016: “He claims that he did [walk out], he claims that he saw through the interview but actually he was there for about seven minutes…

“I was the first person actually to realize he’s a d*ck.”

Not sure that is the case.

Cohen also gave Trump (and Daniel Radcliffe) AIDS in an admittedly pretty low-brow gag in the movie The Brothers Grimsby, with Sony, the movie’s producers insisting on a disclaimer at the end of the film.

“Daniel Radcliffe was not involved in this movie and does not have HIV/Aids”, it reads, adding:

“Donald Trump was not involved in this movie, but… and does not have HIV/Aids.”

Baron Cohen also baited Trump by wearing a ‘Make America Great Again’ cap and brandishing a hand gun at the film’s premiere in the US.

It follows news that Baron Cohen is reportedly working on a movie featuring O.J. Simpson, though whether this is the same project is not known.

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