'Safe' stars Michael C Hall and Amanda Abbington on the Netflix show’s crazy twists (exclusive)

Sam Ashurst

New streaming series Safe lands on Netflix this week.

The crime drama revolves around single father Tom’s (Michael C Hall) mission to find his missing daughter, and the attempts by a detective named Sophie (Amanda Abbington) to help him find her.

The show is extremely bingeable – mainly because every episode ends on an insane twist.

So when we sat down with Safe’s leads Michael C Hall and Amanda Abbington, we had to ask them – what makes a good cliffhanger?

Amanda Abbington and Hannah Arterton in Netflix’s Safe (Netflix/Matt Squire)

“It’s that sense that you’re hanging from a cliff,” Hall jokes.

“It’s the feeling whether you’re going to die at any moment,” Abbington says.

“Within these scripts there were unexpected turns, where you’d go ‘What?’ Sometimes I wouldn’t get it, then four episodes along, ‘Brilliant, that makes sense.’”

Michael C Hall and Marc Warren in Netflix’s Safe (Netflix/Ben Blackall)


“I think that’s good writing. What Harlan (Coben) does is he plots everything, he’s meticulous in his characterisation and his storylines, then Danny writes this very beautiful, very easy to learn dialogue, and those two things make for very good plot twists.”

“Yeah, you create characters you care about, then whet your appetite, pose some sort of question and you don’t quite answer it. It’s as if you’re hanging on the edge of a cliff,” Hall says.

Safe launches on Netflix on 10 May.

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