Samuel L Jackson ‘Racially Profiled’ By Police While Making Pulp Fiction

Legendary actor Samuel L Jackson has revealed he was “racially profiled” by police officers during the production of Quentin Tarantino classic ‘Pulp Fiction’ in the early 1990s.

According to the actor, he and a group of friends were leaving a restaurant during a short break from filming, when police descended on them.


“When we were done [in the restaurant], we walked outside and stood on the corner for a while, just talking,” Jackson told Vanity Fair. “All of a sudden, five sheriff’s cars screeched up. The policemen surrounded us, guns pointed, lights in our face: 'on the ground!’.”

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“There we were, lying face down in the middle of Santa Monica Boulevard. I finally said to the cops, 'Why are you doing this?’ One of them said, ‘Oh, we got a report of five black guys standing on the corner with guns and bats.’”

The incident did not lead to his arrest, but Jackson says it did make him acutely aware of the racial discrimination problem in the US police force.

“It kind of put my feet back on the ground in terms of ‘Okay, you’re still just another nigger working in town, so you still got to walk softly.’ And I still do. Just an object lesson for life in LA.”

Jackson’s career hit another level thaks to his performance as Jules Winnfield in Tarantino’s classic. He was consequently nominated for the Best Supporting Actor Oscar in 1995, but ultimately lost out to Martin Landau in 'Ed Wood’.

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Picture Credits: Miramax Films