Samuel L. Jackson just dropped a major 'Avengers: Endgame' spoiler

Brie Larson as’Captain Marvel’ (Disney)
Brie Larson as’Captain Marvel’ (Disney)

Samuel L. Jackson may have just accidentally let slip how Captain Marvel will foil finger-clicking mass murderer Thanos in Avengers: Endgame.

Following the climactic events of Avengers: Infinity War, his character Nick Fury’s message to the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s newest hero – before his own untimely demise – pointed to Carol Danvers being our last hope of defeating him.

And potentially undo the damage that he’s already done.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight recorded on the movie’s set, Samuel L. is discussing the untapped power of Marvel, to be played by Brie Larson.

“She’s pretty much the strongest character – in terms of someone with powers are able to do things – in the Marvel universe. So, for Carol Danvers to be that person and for Brie to become that person, it’s gonna be a dynamite thing,” he explains.

“I mean, (the Avengers) are up against some really, really tough odds right now – we saw throughout Infinity War – so now we know that we need something that’s as powerful as Thanos.

“And at some point, we’ll find out how powerful she is and all the things that she’s capable of. She’s one of the few people in the Marvel universe that can time travel, so…”

And there it is.

Sameul L. Jackson in Captain Marvel (Credit: Marvel/Disney)
Sameul L. Jackson in Captain Marvel (Credit: Marvel/Disney)

It was thanks to Thanos’ pilfering of the Time Stone from Doctor Strange that he was able to turn back time and pluck the Mind Stone from Vision, thus completing his Infinity Gauntlet and initiating ‘the snap’ which wiped out half of all life across the universe.

And as far as the most likely (if not most inspiring) fan theories go, the most likely undoing of ‘the snap’ would involve some kind of time travel arrangement.

However, Jackson does have a propensity for mischief, so it could be that he’s pulling our leg.

Either way, it’s likely that we’ll get some clue as to what powers Captain Marvel has, and how they can be used against Thanos, once the new movie arrives.

Also starring Jude Law, Ben Mendelsohn, Lee Pace and Lashana Lynch, it’s due out in March 8.

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