Scarlett Johansson, Margot Robbie and host of A-listers scrap in viral online fight video

Scarlett Johansson (Credit: Zoe Bell/Instagram)
Scarlett Johansson (Credit: Zoe Bell/Instagram)

Scarlett Johansson, Margot Robbie, Cameron Diaz, Thandie Newton and Zoe Saldana are among a host of female stars kicking lumps out of each other in a new viral video.

In a clip aping a similar one made by out-of-work stunt performers a couple of weeks back, this, dubbed the 'Boss Bitch Fight Challenge', has been shared by stunt coordinator Zoe Bell and given some A-list treatment.

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Bell kicks things off at home, hurling her book to the ground before explaining: “I’m so bored! I just want to play with my friends.”

She then boots the camera, passing the baton on to a dizzying host of stars and stunt performers doing the same, each pulling off a special move.

Lucy Lawless (Credit: Zoe Bell/Instagram)
Lucy Lawless (Credit: Zoe Bell/Instagram)

Charlie's Angels star Diaz hurls a bag of shopping, Daryl Hannah goes for the Kill Bill hypodermic, Margot Robbie brings her Harley Quinn bat, Lucy Lawless pulls out her Xena sword, Juliette Lewis uses her dumb bells and there's some upsetting use of jigsaw pieces too.

Meanwhile, Florence Pugh reconsiders using a champagne bottle and ScarJo misuses her medicine ball (both will appear in the Black Widow movie in November).

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“Here it is!” Bell captions. “Kicking lockdown boredom with some of the coolest! Ladies, you are all my hero’s [sic].”

Bell is a veteran stunt performer, having appeared in movies and TV series like Kill Bill, Thor: Ragnarok, Penny Dreadful and Xena: Warrior Princess, in which she was Lawless’s stunt double.

You can check it out below (and click full screen for the best viewing experience).