Scarlett Johansson wants a Ghost In The Shell sequel on one condition (exclusive)

‘Ghost In The Shell’ star Scarlett Johansson has already confirmed her interest in a making a sequel to the live action anime adaptation ahead of its release on Friday, 31 March.

Johansson, who plays Major in the film, told Yahoo Movies that she’s up for a second installment as long as director Rupert Sanders was involved again.

“I would do another if Rupert [Sanders, director] would do another one, yes,” the 32-year-old star told us, “I could only do it with him. I think we have a great creative partnership and I need him to support me through this because it is a lot!”

“So much of this film is about the quest for identity and at the end of the film when that question is answered, there’s just so much possibility”.

Director Rupert Sanders, who also made ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’, is game for a sequel too.

“I hope they’d let me! Scarlett and I have a great partnership on this film. It’s really been a labour of love for both of us. It’s been very intense. We are both quite shell-shocked, I only finished the film a week ago, so it was down to the wire.”

“We’d do it again if the story was right and people wanted to see a sequel.”

The pair didn’t go into much detail about what we might see in the sequel, but Pilou Asbæk (who plays Batou in the film) told us that he expected a second film to be heavily influenced by the anime sequel.

He said: “You’ve seen ‘Ghost In The Shell’ now, and you’ll know that the second one is called ‘Innocence’ and that’s about Batou (his character in the film).”

Before that though, you can catch ‘Ghost In The Shell’ in UK cinemas from 30 March.

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