See Margot Robbie make her Wolf of Wall Street entrance

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The Duchess... Robbie plays the second wife of Jordan Belfort (Credit: Universal)

Martin Scorsese's next film 'The Wolf of Wall Street' has attracted a fair bit of press attention of late for a number of reasons.

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From accusations of animal cruelty to heckling from Academy members for its excessive portrayal of sex and drugs, the film has been controversial to say the least, and this is even before the film hits UK cinemas on January 17, 2014.

However, the film has received a lot of critical praise too, especially for its performances.

Australian actress Margot Robbie plays Naomi, the second wife of Leonardo DiCaprio's character Jordan Belfort (the Wolf of the title), and you can watch her first scene in our exclusive clip below.

Meeting Leo for the first time wasn't quite as glamourous as the actress explained to Yahoo Movies, "We weren't in the Hamptons, we weren't at a cocktail party, we were in a studio audition room in New York, and he still had his giant beard and long hair from "Django Unchained" because he had just wrapped filming."

"And I walked into the room and for a heartbeat I thought, "Who is that? Someone sort of homeless-looking in the corner?" And that was Mr. DiCaprio, and then a few minutes later we're doing our scene and I ended up getting carried away and hitting him in the face. So our first encounter was a little interesting but that definitely broke the ice and we've had a great working relationship ever since."

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And what does the formers Neighbours star think audience will take away from the film? "Gosh, I don't know. People keep asking that. I'm still obliged to think I hope they see a greedy lifestyle and in the end living in excess won't make you happy. But I don't think we made this movie to tell a moral story about what's right and wrong. People know what's right and wrong."

"I think it's a film to look closely at a bunch of crazy characters and this unique insane time of their lives and what they were doing. It's just an entertaining, close-up, uncensored, raw version of that. So I hope people don't look at it and think they want to live that way. But I hope they think it's entertaining three hours of film-watching."

'The Wolf of Wall Street' is in UK cinemas from January 17, 2014.