Sharon Stone posts amazing video of her audition for Basic Instinct

Sharon Stone became both famous and a bit infamous for her performance in ‘Basic Instinct’ (thanks to one scene in particular) back in 1992.

Though she’d appeared in a host of movies before it, her turn as the femme fatale Catherine Tramell opposite Michael Douglas’s flawed detective made her a screen icon.

Showing how she landed the role, she’s now posted her original audition tape on Twitter.

In it, she’s running lines with Paul Verhoeven, whom she’d previously worked with on ‘Total Recall’ two years earlier.

And it’s a pretty smouldering, effortless performance too.

(Credit: TriStar)
(Credit: TriStar)

The movie was a massive hit on its release, making $353 million (more like $615 million today) from its just under $50 million budget, the fourth high-grossing movie of the year, though reviews were mixed.

Speaking in an interview with Oprah in 2014, she explained how she got the role: “It was not an easy part to get.

“They offered it to 12 or 13 other women who turned it down. So it wasn’t like I got there and everyone was like, ‘Yay, she’s here!’ It was like, ‘Mm.’ But I knew walking on that set that I was enough.”

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