Skimpy Amazonian costumes in Justice League anger fans

There’s been a bit of a sea change in the Themyscira fashion scene, just in time for the ‘Justice League’ movie, and it’s left some fans and commentators a little confused.

Director Zack Snyder has posted a shot of a group of Amazonian warriors draped over the Batmobile on social media, but it appears that the slightly more functional armour seen in ‘Wonder Woman’ has been replaced with something rather skimpier.

Fan site The Golden Lasso writes: “Wonder Woman began filming in 2015, the year before Justice League started filming in 2016. The Amazons’ design was finalized and most of the costumes completed while Justice League was still in pre-production.

“That means that there were discussions about what the Amazons should wear into battle in Justice League and the epic designs from Wonder Woman were rejected in favor of leather bikinis.

(Credit: Warner Bros)
(Credit: Warner Bros)

“Let that sink in.”They rejected already finished costumes to redesign and remake the armor so that more skin would be showing.”

It would certainly appear to be the case.

The costumery on display in Patty Jenkins’ blockbuster ‘Wonder Woman’ covered considerably more flesh, notably in the midriff area.

It’s not gone unnoticed by other fans either.

Whether all is as it seems, however, has been questioned by some, who are claiming that the skimpier costumes relate to a flashback scene, and the costumes of the Amazonian warriors in general are not as revealing.

They are, of course, still skimpy whether used throughout the movie or not, but we shall see for sure once the movie lands on November 17.

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