Sorry Avengers fans, there are no plans for an 18-film Marvel marathon in the UK

We’re sorry to be the bearer of bad news superhero fans, but there are currently NO plans for a Marvel movie marathon at any major UK cinema chain to support the release of Avengers: Infinity War in April.

Last week it was revealed that AMC theatres in America would be hosting special Marvel movie marathons in the run up to the release of Infinity War next month.

AMC’s Avengers: Infinity War Marathon’ runs for 31-hours and features all 18 Marvel Cinematic Universe films. From 2008’s Iron Man played back-to-back up to – and including – 2018’s Black Panther, with (hopefully) some comfort breaks in between.

However, having spoken to the major UK cinema chains, Yahoo has discovered there are currently no plans to replicate this mammoth movie marathon in Britain… yet.

Vue said, “there are no plans for a Marvel Marathon ahead of the Avengers: Infinity War release.”

A spokesperson for Odeon told us: “ODEON UK does not currently have plans to run an Avengers marathon.”

Cineworld said the same for its chain of cinemas, adding “however, there will be midnight showings [of Avengers: Infinity War] on the Wednesday evening before the Thursday release.”

Empire Cinemas, which has 14 cinemas and 125 screens, also said the same: “We will not be doing any kind of Marvel marathon on the run up to Avengers: Infinity War] being released.”

London’s Prince Charles Cinema, which has hosted Game of Thrones marathons in the past, similarly has no plans to host such an event.

“We may seem like the ideal venue as we run such marathons all the time,” explained Paul Vickery, Head of Programming at the PCC, “but when it comes to promoting a new-releases with a back catalogue event / marathon they are usually reserved for those who’re releasing the newest entry in the series – Vue, Cineworld, Picturehouse etc – and as we’re an off-release venue we’re not usually offered such screenings.”

Picturehouse has not yet responded.

There’s obviously nothing stopping you from stocking up on popcorn and military-grade coffee and hosting your own Marvel marathon at home though. However, you’d need to factor in a trip to the cinema to catch the latest Marvel release Black Panther, which is still tearing up the box office.

Avengers: Infinity War arrives in UK cinemas on 26 April – a day earlier than the US. Tickets are on sale now.

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