Stan Lee Responds To Suicide Squad Director’s ‘F*** Marvel’ Outburst

Comic book legend Stan Lee has responded to the latest Marvel Vs DC controversy in a typically light-hearted fashion.

The storm in a teacup occurred earlier this week when ‘Suicide Squad’ director David Ayer, caught up in the heat of the moment, shouted “f*** Marvel” at a screening of the new Warner Bros/DC movie.

Ayer wasted no time in apologising for this impromptu outburst, but it caused enough of a ripple to warrant a reaction from Marvel patriarch Lee, who responded directly to Ayer on Twitter.

Lee tweeted, “Hey @DavidAyerMovies - Don’t feel too bad about dropping the f bomb. It’s a compliment of the highest order!” and shared the video below. (Don’t worry, Lee never actually utters the dreaded F-word in the clip.)

In the clip, the energetic 93-year old enthuses, “when a couple of guys are angry at each other, and they’re yelling and they’re arguing, sooner or later, one of them is gonna say, ‘ah, F you!’

“And the other guy gets mad and goes, ‘oh yeah? Well F you too!’ This is brilliant dialogue.”

Lee calmly argues, “Why is ‘F you’ considered an insult? It’s the most exotic, exquisite experience you can have!

“If someone says ‘F You!’ to me, I feel like saying ‘Thank you! Thank you for wishing such a wonderful thing to me!’”

With this mini-rant coming on top of Lee’s recent complaint that he didn’t get to spend enough time in a real strip club for his ‘Deadpool’ cameo, it’s safe to say the grandfather of the comic book industry isn’t getting any more genteel with age.

Ayer, for his part, was delighted by Lee’s response, replying on Twitter, “You’re The Man sir. You made my childhood a nicer place!”

‘Suicide Squad’ is out now in cinemas.

Picture Credit: WENN

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