'Star Wars' prop makers 3D print face shields for NHS as Pinewood supports coronavirus fight

Tom Beasley
Pinewood Studios is showing its support for NHS frontline staff during the coronavirus pandemic. (Credit: Pinewood Group)

A team of expert prop makers at Lucasfilm has been making face shields for NHS workers during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Star Wars team are among many at Pinewood Studios who have been using their skills to support the health service in the midst of the current crisis.

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Lucasfilm and camera company Brownian Motion are each making face shields at Pinewood, with 3D printing allowing them to create around 40 shields every three days.

Meanwhile, over at Pinewood’s sister studio Shepperton, DB Props is also assisting in laser cutting cutting sheet material to help deliver crucial PPE to medical staff on the frontline.

Other organisations working out of Pinewood and Shepperton have been able to provide expert help in escorting medical staff to work, assisting with delivery of care and providing advice to those working on the frontline.

Andrew Smith, corporate affairs director at Pinewood Group, said: “It’s important we recognise the hard work being carried out by the companies who call Pinewood and Shepperton home.

“The screen industries have always answered the nation’s call for help during times of crisis, and this has been no exception.”

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Freelance workers across the entertainment industry have offered their support to the NHS during this crisis, with many using their skills to assist on the frontline.

Pinewood Studios has turned its lights blue in support of the NHS. (Credit: Pinewood Group)

Pinewood has also reached out to children in the local community to provide rainbow art in support of the NHS.

The studio is also supporting the #LightBlue campaign and has turned its studio lights blue in order to show its backing for medical workers.

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Movie production is returning in some parts of the world — including on the Avatar sequels in New Zealand — and plans are being set out for production in the UK to recommence.

Cinemas in Britain remain closed, though many of the major chains have indicated their plans to re-open in July, along with the planned release of Christopher Nolan’s sci-fi blockbuster Tenet.