'Avengers 4' fan theories that'll blow your mind

There’s so much mystery swirling around Avengers 4 we don’t even know what it’s going to be called, and something’s got to fill the void of information.

Enter an army of fans who are more than happy to speculate, providing a wide-array of theories to entertain us while we wait for a title, trailer or a proper synopsis.

Some theories are more imaginative than others, with the following being particularly creative.

It goes without saying that there are Infinity War spoilers incoming…

Loki’s been a good guy all along

According to this theory, Loki realised that Thanos was a super-bad dude during his off-camera moments before the first Avengers movie. So, everything he did in Avengers: Assemble (including killing a bunch of random people) was part of a long-game plan to save the universe.

You see, Loki did all that bad stuff to bring the Avengers together, so they’d eventually be able to fight Thanos. According to the theory, time travel will bring Loki back for Avengers 4, and he’ll use his sceptre to bring everyone who turned to dust back, so they can all gang up against Thanos.

That’s nice of him, isn’t it?

The gang will time travel through the MCU

Here’s one we really hope is correct, mainly because it would be the most entertaining movie ever made if it is. In this theory, the surviving members of the Avengers use the Time Stone to travel into the narratives of various MCU movies.

These shenanigans have positive results, such as Mjolnir being resurrected and returned to Thor (before Captain America borrows it, dying when he uses it to fight Thanos), but also negative results – the butterfly effect means that the Guardians Of The Galaxy never meet.

All this is so that the gang can create a seperate Infinity Gauntlet of their own, which they use to defeat Thanos.

This isn’t the most bonkers time travel MCU theory, by the way – with some theorists believing that the TV series Sherlock is the result of Doctor Strange using VR to entertain himself with a parallel reality (incorporating Everett Ross into the narrative for some reason), using the Time Stone to travel back in time for the Victorian episode, because of course he did.

Captain America, Black Widow and Hulk are all Skrulls

This one will require a bit of backstory for anyone who only knows the MCU version of the Avengers. In the comics, there’s a race of shapeshifting aliens known as Skrulls, who invade earth by pretending to be humans – a disguise that also allows them to pretend to be our favourite heroes.

Marvel fans are now theorising that we’ve already seen the Skrulls in the form of Captain America and Black Widow, a revelation that will be properly unveiled in Avengers 4.

The main evidence for this seems to be that Captain America was a bit grumpy in Infinity War and he had a beard. As for Black Widow, she had blonde hair.

That’s about it for those two in terms of evidence, but the Hulk theory is a lot more in-depth (but seems to be mainly based on the fact that Bruce Banner seemed to have more of a sense of humour in Ragnarok and Infinity War).

Thanos’ snap created a parallel universe

You thought that everyone who turned into dust in Infinity War died, but you were totally wrong. According to this theory, anyway.

In fact, they survived and are currently in the real world. Meanwhile, those we thought were left behind went into a weird peaceful parallel universe, and they’ll actually decide to stay there once they realise what’s going on – giving all the departing actors a (bizarre) happy ending.

Yeah, this one’s just a little bit too complex for your average mainstream audience. Not to mention it’d be a fairly massive anticlimax.

Avengers 4 is going to be called ‘Avengers: Assemble

Aw, this one’s quite sweet. According to one hopeful fan, the title of Avengers 4 will be Avengers: Assemble, closing the loop that was teased in Avengers: Age Of Ultron when Captain America almost said his iconic catchphrase before the credits kicked in.

However, there’s a fairly major issue with this one, as anyone in the UK will immediately realise.

The film was called Avengers: Assemble when it was released here, to cut down on any confusion with the UK telly series The Avengers.

So, the chances of Infinity War 2 being called Avengers: Assemble is probably about as likely as it being named Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice 2: Martha’s Revenge.

Doctor Strange has already apologised to Tony Stark for killing him

This is another one that could potentially happen, even if it is a bit dark. Basically, when Doctor Strange made eye-contact with Tony Stark to say ‘It was the only way’ before turning into dust, he wasn’t reflecting on his own sacrifice, he was telling Tony in advance that he’s super-sorry for choosing a scenario that will ultimately lead to Tony’s death.

Yep, that’s pretty bleak – but considering the fact that Robert Downey Jr isn’t going to make any more Avengers movies after this one, it’s actually sort-of likely. Well, more likely than a reveal that Sherlock is Doctor Strange’s VR hobby.

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