Suicide Squad 2 set to start filming in 2018?

It's on... Suicide Squad could be set for 2018 shoot - Credit: Warner Bros
It’s on… Suicide Squad could be set for 2018 shoot – Credit: Warner Bros

‘Suicide Squad 2’ is likely to start filming in 2018, according to Joel Kinnaman, aka dashing special forces operative Rick Flag.

Where the sequel is set to fit into the rather busy DC Films slate has been much discussed, but it looks at least like Kinnaman has some time blocked out for next year.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter on his role in the fifth season of ‘House of Cards’, he said: “As far as I know they’re writing the script and I think the plan is to shoot it sometime in 2018, but that could change.

“I think I’ll definitely come back for it.”

The first, rather divisive movie emerged last year, to a hail of critical abuse for its director, ‘Fury’ and ‘End of Watch’s David Ayer.

Stories whirled around the internet of disagreements between Ayer and the studio, and a fraught atmosphere on set, which culminated with some extensive reshoots.

(Credit: Warner Bros)
(Credit: Warner Bros)

Yet despite the mauling it took – it retains a lowly 25% approval rating on reviews aggregator site Rotten Tomatoes – a box office haul of $745 million deemed it worthy of a sequel.

Kinnaman for one hopes that Ayer gets involved.

“Ultimately, I’d love for David Ayer to direct it, but if he doesn’t want to direct it then someone who is great with character and that’s able to ground the story and maybe put these characters in a more normal situation,” he added.

“It would be really interesting to see these crazy characters interact with regular people as well.”

It’ll have to jostle for position, however, among the forthcoming ‘Justice League’ movie, the forthcoming ‘Aquaman’ movie, and the Harley Quinn spin-off, the all-female ‘Gotham City Sirens’, that David Ayer is helming – and this might ultimately prevent him from joining ‘Suicide Squad 2’.

However, it looks like it’s on – so Jared Leto had better get down to the pet shop.

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