'Summit Fever' trailer debut: Ryan Philippe heads into the mountains for new action thriller

Watch the new trailer for Summit Fever

Moviemaking is an inherently risky business, but new movie Summit Fever takes thing to whole new heights.

The film — starring Ryan Phillippe and available on digital from 17 October — shot in some of the most inhospitable locations for a drama ever used, including the North Face of The Eiger, the summit of The Matterhorn and the South Face of Mont Blanc.

No green screens were necessary for this thriller, with the stunning real locations providing the backdrop for a rollicking mountaineering adventure.

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Watch a new trailer above for a taste of what to expect.

Summit Fever (Signature Entertainment)
Freddie Thorpe in Summit Fever. (Signature Entertainment)

A lightweight crew, including director Julian Gilbey and lead actor Freddie Thorp filmed on the North Face of The Eiger in Switzerland for four days in total. Gilbey was already an accomplished climber but Thorp learnt climbing/mountaineering from scratch to do Summit Fever, and was rewarded by being able to film on the real north wall of the notorious Eiger.

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Gilbey first summited The Matterhorn in 2011 and was determined to return in person and film on the summit, and was determined to not just include aerial footage with stunt doubles, which was also achieved.

Summit Fever (Signature Entertainment)
Summit Fever (Signature Entertainment)

“Filming doubles in close up on the real summit will never be as effective as having an actual cast member standing 14,692 feet above sea level with an ocean of cloud below," said Gilbey.

"Luckily, with Freddie Thorp, we had cast a very physically able actor who was determined to train hard with the mountaineering guides and prepare to summit the Matterhorn for real. He trained in Snowdonia (North Wales) on stamina and technique before continuing in The Alps”.

Summit Fever (Signature Entertainment)
Ryan Phillippe stars in Summit Fever. (Signature Entertainment)

Phillippe trained exclusively with IFMGA certified guide Will Sim and climbed and filmed at altitudes of up to 12,000 feet on the Italian side of Mont Blanc for the film too.

Signature Entertainment presents Summit Fever on Digital Platforms from 17 October.