Suranne Jones talks potential third series of Vigil

Suranne Jones in Vigil credit:Bang Showbiz
Suranne Jones in Vigil credit:Bang Showbiz

Suranne Jones will only make a third season of 'Vigil' if it is the "right story".

The 45-year-old actress reprised her role as DCI Amy Silva for a second series of the hit BBC drama in December, with her character travelling to the Middle East to investigate a drone killing, and though she suggested she'd be on board to play the character again, she'd only agree to do so if it was being made for the right reasons.

Asked about a third season, she said on the 'Radio Times Podcast': "I don't know, maybe I'll have to make a call to my agent

"We've done two [seasons], so there has been mention of a three, but as ever it has to be the right story and everyone has to agree that it's the right thing. So, maybe."

Show creator Tom Edge previously insisted he would only make a third installment if there was "something urgent to be said", but hinted there were plenty of possibilities.

Speaking at a Q + A for season 2, he said: "I think we never take anything for granted in terms of actors. I mean, these actors are incredible, and they are offered so many jobs, and it's a useful thought to think we have to have a shot at earning their time, their pick, and that is a reasonably high bar.

"So, if we think about doing that, it has to feel like there is something urgent to be said, on both the character level and in terms of the domain that we may intend to unpack those questions. But I will say the world doesn't seem short on turbulence or question marks."

Suranne previously drew comparisons between herself and her character in the show.

She said: "I think when you fall in love with the character, and it's just a one off piece, you wish you could have developed or delved more, or there's things you'd want to know. So coming back to second series is great.

"Being a woman who constantly wants to prove herself and feels like a responsibility of many people, when we're out filming and when crews are doing lots for us - I think Amy and I share that.

"I have a child. I share that [with Amy]. I'm constantly trying to balance my life and my career. I share that.

"I've had issues with anxiety, which Amy has had. So there's a lot of things that I can relate to. That's the beauty of finding the characters where you can go, 'that's the one' when you read it."