The most bloodthirsty TV shows revealed

Ben Arnold
TV show bodycounts revealed (Credit: HBO/FX/C4)

The TV show that has left the most carnage in its wake has been revealed.

While Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead feature in the top five, it’s surprisingly Charlie Brooker’s Netflix series Black Mirror that has presided over the largest body count.

It’s mainly thanks to one particular episode of the dystopian anthology show, however.

In series three’s episode Hated In The Nation, starring Kelly Macdonald and Benedict Wong, a horrifying 387,036 are killed by rogue Autonomous Drone Insects, or ADIs, the technology devised to pollinate crops and flowers following the extinction of the honey bee.

Hated In The Nation (Credit: Netflix)

Of course, the bloody fantasy Game of Thrones comes in at number two, having despatched 174,373 people, a large proportion of whom perished when Cersei Lannister exacted her stunning revenge on the High Sparrow and his militant religious order in season six, sending wildfire through the streets of King’s Landing.

Next up, Channel 4 series Humans totted up over 110,000 bodies in the season two finale, when the Synths, the show’s humanoid robot servants, conduct a bloody massacre of their human overlords.

The TV shows with the highest bodycounts have been tallied up. (Music Magpie)

Fox espionage show 24, starring Kiefer Sutherland as the grizzled counter terrorism agent Jack Bauer, managed a solid 16,115 deaths over nine series, 12,000 of which came when a nuclear device was detonated in California in season six.

And in fifth place, Battlestar Galactica notched up 10,892 deaths of the last remaining 50,000 humans, at the hands of the Cylons.

Music Magpie did all the sums – which must have been nice – with The 100 (4,411), Supernatural (4,301), The Walking Dead (1,946), NCIS (981) and The Vampire Diaries (598) making up the top 10.

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