Kathy Bates

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    New on Prime Video UK in April 2023: Best movies and TV from Operation Fortune to Citadel

    Here's a rundown of the best new movies and TV shows heading to Prime Video UK in April 2023, from Operation Fortune: Ruse De Guerre to Citadel.

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    Kathy Bates on MeToo: 'In my day, if you went to a guy’s hotel room, you knew why you were going'

    The 'Richard Jewell' star and Oscar-winner said 'times were different' before the #MeToo movement took hold in Hollywood.

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    Billy Bob Thornton's as Filthy as Ever in First Full Trailer for 'Bad Santa 2' (NSFW)

    Willie T. Soke is back, and, as you can see in the first true trailer for Bad Santa 2 (a tease was released two weeks back), Billy Bob Thornton’s character is just the cranky, foul-mouthed horn-dog you remember. November’s sequel to the unlikely 2003 holiday favorite (well, unless you ask my horrified aunt and uncle) returns not only the Sling Blade Oscar winner, but also original costars Tony Cox (as his diminutive partner-in-crime, Marcus) and — thank the lord — Brett Kelly (as the now-21-yea

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    The Gruesome Inside Story of 'Misery's' Terrifying Ankle-Bashing Scene

    Kathy Bates prepares to break James Caan’s ankles in the 1990 film ‘Misery’ (Photo: Everett Collection) If you’ve seen the horror film Misery, which opened 25 years ago this November, chances are one scene is burned into your brain: the moment when Annie Wilkes breaks the ankles of bedridden novelist Paul Sheldon with a sledgehammer. It’s the most memorable and disturbing moment of the 1990 film, based on a Stephen King novel — and yet, from the moment Misery went into production, the hobbling