New on Prime Video UK in April 2023: Best movies and TV from Operation Fortune to Citadel

Guy Ritchie’s latest action movie premieres this month, while Richard Madden and Priyanka Chopra Jonas lead a new spy series

Dead Ringers, Operation Fortune, and Citadel are just some of the new releases on Prime Video in April. (Prime Video)
Dead Ringers, Operation Fortune, and Citadel are just some of the new releases on Prime Video in April. (Prime Video)

An action-packed April is in store for Prime Video’s UK subscribers this month, with suited, booted, and bone-crunching new arrivals headlining both the streaming giant’s film and TV offerings.

The month starts with Operation Fortune: Ruse De Guerre, the latest film from Wrath of Man director Guy Ritchie. The long delayed action-comedy, shot way back in 2021, stars Jason Statham as the spectacularly named special agent Orson Fortune alongside a star-studded ensemble.

And if you prefer your action long-form, then don’t miss out on Richard Madden and Priyanka Chopra Jonas getting their espionage on in Citadel, a globe-trotting weekly drop spy series produced by Avengers: Endgame masterminds The Russo Brothers.

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Elsewhere on the TV side of things, trading punches for punch-lines is Rachel Brosnahan, who returns as the delightful Miriam ‘Midge’ Maisel in the fifth - and final - series of award-winning stand-up comedy drama The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. And for all your binge watch needs there is Dead Ringers, a Rachel Weisz led remake of David Cronenberg’s 1988 psychological thriller.

Watch a clip from Dead Ringers

Back on the film front, original documentary Judy Blume Forever is set to explore the legacy of the legendary writer’s work ahead of the hotly anticipated release of the Rachel McAdams and Kathy Bates starring Are You There God? It’s Me Margaret adaptation. And, if 'inspired by a true story' survival drama is more your thing, then don't miss the cleverly titled On a Wing and a Prayer, which sees Dennis Quaid tasked with landing a plane and saving his family after tragedy strikes in the skies.

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It's also an exciting month for Prime Video's world cinema output, as the streamer is set to debut its first African Original movie, much anticipated hard-hitting crime thriller Gangs of Lagos, at the start of April.

Florian Zeller’s poignant melodrama The Son, featuring a career-best Hugh Jackman, gets its streaming premiere this month too. And pulpy Vin Diesel sci-fi actioner Bloodshot, which offers a more adult twist on the superhero formula, is also Primeward bound, rounding out a bumper month of new releases.

Here's everything we know is heading to Prime Video UK in the next month…

New movies coming to Prime Video UK in April 2023

Gangs of Lagos (Original) | 7 April

Adesua Etomi-Wellington in Gangs of Lagos. (Prime Video)
Adesua Etomi-Wellington in Gangs of Lagos. (Prime Video)

From acclaimed Nollywood filmmaker Jáde Osiberu comes Gangs of Lagos, Prime Video's first ever African Original offering. Set amidst the bustling streets and neighbourhood of Isale Eko, Lagos, Osiberu's film is a gritty, high-stakes crime thriller that centres around a group of childhood friends wrestling with their destinies and coming-of-age in an environment where violence is a seemingly inescapable fact of life. Promising elaborate set-pieces and action sequences as well as engaging dialogue and emotionally grounded storytelling, this could be the beginning of a whole new wave of Nollywood movies making an impact on a global scale.

On A Wing and a Prayer (Original) | 7 April

Dennis Quaid and Heather Graham in On A Wing And A Prayer. (Prime Video)
Dennis Quaid and Heather Graham in On A Wing And A Prayer. (Prime Video)

As much a tribute to the power of faith as it is a true-life survival drama, On a Wing and a Prayer stars Dennis Quaid as Doug White, a hobbyist amateur pilot who finds himself thrust into a life-or-death situation when the captain of the twin-engine jet he and his family are on falls unconscious. Desperate Housewives regular Jesse Metcalfe and Austin Powers' Heather Graham co-star in this tale of overcoming and belief.

Operation Fortune: Ruse De Guerre | 7 April

Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre (Prime Video)
Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre (Prime Video)

Jason Statham is super spy Orson Fortune in the wonderfully titled Operation Fortune: Ruse De Guerre, a Guy Ritchie film with such strong British roots that, to emulate our rail service, it's taken two years to arrive.

The Stath leads a glittering ensemble including Aubrey Plaza, Cary Elwes, and recent addition to Ritchie’s rogues’ gallery Hugh Grant in this one, which sees his special agent tasked with tracking down and stopping the sale of a deadly new weapons technology. So what's the wrinkle? Well, Fortune and co just so happen to require the services of Hollywood's biggest movie star, played with relish by Joshua Hartnett, to get the job done. You can imagine how smoothly that goes.

The Son | 14 April

Hugh Jackman was rightly nominated for a Golden Globe for his wrenching performance as a father struggling to get through to his troubled teenage boy in Florian Zeller's The Son. Framed as a spiritual prequel to The Father — which Anthony Hopkins won Best Actor for at the Oscars in 2021 — Zeller's latest is a lacerating examination of mental illness and the ways in which sons are unavoidably shaped by their fathers, how even the attempt to break a chain of generationally inherited trauma can end up becoming a link in it. It's a tricky watch, but belying The Son's harrowing subject matter is a profoundly human story.

Judy Blume Forever (Original) | 21 April

Lena Dunham in Judy Blume Forever. (Prime Video)
Lena Dunham in Judy Blume Forever. (Prime Video)

Self-described as “a good girl who grew up with a bad girl inside”, American author Judy Blume has been an essential figure in the literary canon for over half a century. Her books, from Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret, to Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing and Blubber, have revolutionised children’s literature with their frank discussions of masturbation, menstruation, on the female coming-of-age experience.

In this new talking heads documentary, school children, celebrities, social commentators, and Blume herself grapple with the writer’s impact on popular culture as well as the controversies abound by her work.

Bloodshot | 27 April

Vin Diesel in Bloodshot. (Sony Pictures)
Vin Diesel in Bloodshot. (Sony Pictures)

Based on the successful Valiant comic book series, Dave Wilson's sci-fi superhero movie Bloodshot sees Vin Diesel play Ray Garrison, an elite soldier who is killed only to be brought back to life, reanimated with super strength and regenerative abilities. Garrison uses his second shot at life to hunt down his wife's killer, only to learn along the way that he can't trust anybody - possibly even himself. If schlocky revengers with badass action get your rocks off, then you'll have a blast with Bloodshot.

New TV shows coming to Prime Video UK in April 2023

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel S5 | Episodes 1-3 drop 14 April, then weekly

Having won 20 Primetime Emmys and, most importantly, the hearts of viewers worldwide, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is coming back to our screens for one last sojourn into the world of Rachel Brosnahan’s, well, marvelous Midge Maisel.

The last time we saw Midge, she was walking out of Carnegie Hall and into a snowy epiphany at the sight of a billboard for The Gordon Ford Show, ready to step into her own stardom after being cut from Shy Baldwin’s tour. Per this final series’ synopsis though; ‘Midge finds herself closer than ever to the success she's dreamed of, only to discover that closer than ever is still so far away.’ Here’s hoping Midge will work things out and have the last laugh.

Dead Ringers | 21 April

Rachel Weisz stars in Dead Ringers. (Prime Video)
Rachel Weisz stars in Dead Ringers. (Prime Video)

A contemporary reimagining of David Cronenberg’s same-named 1988 psychological thriller, Dead Ringers features Rachel Weisz in dual lead roles as Dr. Elliot and Dr. Beverly Mantle, twin gynaecologists on a mission to change the way women give birth.

Normal People and Succession writing alum Alice Birch serves as showrunner on this horror-inflected thriller, which is set to explore obsession, addiction, and medical malpractice. The story is as Cronenberg as it gets, so take that as all the warning you need if you’re squeamish before you tuck into this binge offering.

Citadel | Episodes 1-2 drop 28 April, then weekly

Richard Madden as Mason Kane, Priyanka Chopra Jonas as Nadia Sinh in Citadel. (Prime Video)
Richard Madden as Mason Kane, Priyanka Chopra Jonas as Nadia Sinh in Citadel. (Prime Video)

Richard Madden and Priyanka Chopra Jonas are elite agents Mason Kane and Nadia Sinh in Citadel, an appointment viewing international spy series spearheaded by MCU maestros The Russo Brothers. The centrepiece of a first-of-its-kind project already set to expand with international spin-offs made for Indian and Italian audiences, Citadel centres around the titular fallen global spy agency as they regroup to take down Manticore, a powerful syndicate bent on establishing a new world order.

If the trailer is anything to go by, which also introduces Stanley Tucci as a former Citadel operative tracking down Kane for help, then expect big budget espionage with blockbuster production values and a story with more twists than a French pastry.

Other movies and TV on Prime Video UK in April 2023

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Did you Hear About the Morgans? (2009, via Freevee)

Equity (2016, via Freevee)

Falling Skies S1-5 (via Freevee)

Punisher: War Zone (2008, via Freevee)

Sam & Kate (2022, via Freevee)

The Ride (2018, via Freevee)

7 April

Jury Duty S1 (Original, via Freevee)

13 April

Gemini (2017, via Freevee)

Lethal Weapon S1-3 (via Freevee)

Straw Dogs (2011, via Freevee)

14 April

Icons Unearthed: Fast & Furious (Original, via Freevee)

20 April

Armored (2009, via Freevee)

Neighbours (Season 2014, via Freevee)

Takers (2010, via Freevee)

The Ritual Killer (2023, via Freevee)

27 April

Bad Girls S1-8 (via Freevee)

Outpost (2008, via Freevee)

The Broken Hearts Gallery (2020, via Freevee)