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    Helena Bonham Carter discusses her difficulties working with Tim Burton

    She said they were both 'out of our depths' with the film Sweeney Todd.

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    Theroux's re-enactments in Scientology documentary prompt criticism

    By Piya Sinha-Roy LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - When British documentary filmmaker Louis Theroux was unable to gain access to the Church of Scientology for a new film, he opted for what he thought would be the next best thing - to reenact scenes based on the memories of a former member. "My Scientology Movie," in U.S. theaters now, employs dramatizations and re-enactments of church practices in an attempt to give viewers an inside look at an organization that has so far kept filmmakers at arm's len

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    The most insane moments from Louis Theroux's documentaries

    Louis Theroux has swiftly become Britain’s most popular and most incisive documentarian, managing to disarm his subjects with his dry with and gawky British charm. Theroux’s new movie sees him venture into the dark heart of Scientology, but he’s trodden on dangerous ground before.

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    Louis Theroux: Scientology is “more scary” than Westboro Baptist Church

    Louise Theroux said he thinks the Church of Scientology is “more scary” than reviled hate group the Westboro Baptist Church. 
In the film he tries and fails to enter the Church’s LA-based HQ, recreates scenes of alleged abuse by church leaders, and ends up pursued by Scientology members who are also making a documentary about him. It’s not the first time Theroux has delved into controversial American religious groups.

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    Louis Theroux's Scientology Documentary Accused Of 'Deception'

    Marty Rathbun, the former high-ranking Scientology executive who is the subject of Louis Theroux’s new feature-length documentary, has accused the filmmakers of deception. Rathbun, who was at one time right hand to the church’s leader David Miscavige and ‘audited’ Tom Cruise, says that Theroux and Oscar-winning producer Simon Chinn used him as ‘bait’ with which to ‘incite the wrath of the Church of Scientology’. Rathbun has been a vocal critic of Miscavige church since he left it in 2004, ofte

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