Raymond Briggs

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    11 things you might not know about The Snowman

    It’s been synonymous with Christmas for years, but how much do you really know about Raymond Briggs’ timeless animation, The Snowman?

    7-min read
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    'The Snowman' producer reveals charming story behind David Bowie's iconic scarf

    It turns out there's a lovely tale behind Bowie's warm neckwear.

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    David Bowie was "all wrong" for The Snowman, says Raymond Briggs

    The short film adaptation of writer/illustrator Raymond Briggs’ picture book ‘The Snowman’ has been a perennial Christmas TV favourite for almost 35 years, and in its earliest broadcasts featured a filmed introduction by none other than David Bowie. Speaking to the BBC on World Book Day earlier this week, Briggs recalled, “I did an introduction to the Snowman film, and the Americans wanted somebody more important than me, quite rightly. Briggs has long voiced mixed feelings about the enduring

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