Tony Scott

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    Everything we know about Top Gun 3

    Ready to re-enter the danger zone? Her's what we know about Top Gun 3.

    4-min read
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    The Hunger: The David Bowie vampire flop that gained eternal life as a cult hit

    Like its blood-thirsty protagonists, The Hunger, it seems, is a film unable to die.

    6-min read
  • NewsBen Falk

    Top Gun: Is There Really A Gay Subtext? We Asked The Writer

    Since the iconic Tom Cruise airplane flick came out 30 years ago, fans have argued the testosterone-fuelled actioner is actually laden with homoerotic subtext – a coming-out movie in blockbuster clothing. Directed by the late Tony Scott and starring Tom Cruise as Maverick and Val Kilmer as frenemy Iceman, it was a massive summer hit, perceived as a perfect recruitment tool for the Navy and featuring epic dogfights alongside witty guy banter.

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