Everything we know about Top Gun 3

Maverick might be heading back into the danger zone…

Tom Cruise as Maverick in Top Gun: Maverick
Top Gun 3 is reportedly in the works. (Credit: Paramount)

Considering Steven Spielberg said Top Gun: Maverick single-handedly “saved the entire theatrical industry,” it shouldn’t come as too much of a shock to hear that Top Gun 3 is currently in the works.

While it’s still early days, a follow-up to director Joseph Kosinski’s critically praised 2022 movie was officially confirmed in early 2024. The sequel to Tony Scott’s 1986 original, Maverick saw original franchise hero Tom Cruise re-enter the cockpit of a state-of-the-art fighter jet, this time flanked by a new group of younger Top Gun pilots.

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Despite being plagued by pandemic chaos, Top Gun: Maverick was a huge success, with critics praising its edge-of-your-seat action sequences and unexpected heart. What’s more, the movie helped to lure viewers back into cinemas during a particularly tricky period, ultimately bagging nearly $1.5 billion at the global box office, making it the most popular Cruise film yet.

Ready to re-enter the danger zone? If so, here’s everything you need to know about Top Gun 3.

When will Top Gun 3 be released?

There’s currently no release date for Top Gun 3.

Cruise has yet to officially sign on to the project, let alone jump back into Captain Pete ‘Maverick’ Mitchell’s flight suit, so it could be a while yet before we know when Top Gun 3 will land in cinemas.

During a chat with Screen Rant in March 2024, franchise producer Jerry Bruckheimer confirmed that a third movie is indeed in the works — which is good news — but added that Cruise’s hectic schedule means he has no idea when the film could enter production.

“You never know when it’s going to get made because Tom is so busy,” said Bruckheimer. “He’s doing Mission: Impossible right now, he’s got a picture after it. Hopefully, we’ll get a screenplay that he loves, and we’ll be back in the air again.”

What is the plot of Top Gun 3?

Tom Cruise as Maverick in Top Gun: Maverick
Will Tom Cruise return as Maverick? (Paramount)

The plot for Top Gun 3 is currently unknown. According to reports, the movie’s script is still in the final stages of development and awaiting sign-off from Cruise and his production company.

While there are still many unknowns flying around, we do know that Top Gun: Maverick co-writer Ehren Kruger is working on the story for part three. According to Variety, Paramount is hoping that Maverick director Kosinski will return to helm the project.

Before news of Top Gun 3 was made public, rumours swirled about a potential sequel focused around Miles Teller’s Lt Bradley “Rooster” Bradshaw, with Teller apparently pitching the idea directly to Paramount. His character Rooster was the son of Maverick’s ill-fated flight partner Nick “Goose” Bradshaw, who perished in Scott’s first film.

While it’s unclear whether Teller’s idea will materialise in Top Gun 3, Variety also says that Kruger’s new story would possibly see the return of Teller and his Maverick co-star Glen Powell who played LT Jake “Hangman” Seresin.

Despite these unknowns, franchise producer Bruckheimer has teased that the film will be worth the wait - and feature Cruise as its primary hero.

“It will be Tom Cruise,” Bruckheimer told Screen Rant. “Tom is amazing. We spent time with him. We have a story. Joe Kosinski had a wonderful story idea for it, and he [Cruise] said I really like that, so we’re developing it.”

Who is in the Top Gun 3 cast?

Miles Teller as Rooster in Top Gun: Maverick
Miles Teller starred as Rooster in Top Gun: Maverick. (Paramount)

With the script yet to be finalised, there are currently no casting details available for Top Gun 3. That said, if the film does move into production, it’s a safe bet that Cruise will be back for more high-flying action and daredevil stunts. Seriously... between Top Gun, the Mission: Impossible franchise and his new movie set in actual outer space, the guy can’t seem to get enough of them.

It’s likely that Teller’s character Rooster will also be back but with so much run away between us and the film’s release date, we’ll have to be patient while we wait to hear which returning faces and new characters might join Top Gun 3.

Top Gun 3 is currently in pre-production.