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    The best and worst video game to movie and TV adaptations

    With Fallout arriving on small screens, we look back at the chequered history of video game adaptations.

    7-min read
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    Duncan Jones reveals cancelled 'Warcraft' trilogy plot

    Sadly, it’ll never happen.

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    Duncan Jones' Mute coming to Netflix in February

    'Mute', Duncan Jones' spiritual sequel to 'Moon', will hit Netflix on 23 February.

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    10 crazy reasons films got sued

    If you went into the 2011 Ryan Gosling film expecting a pedal-to-the-metal action flick, you were probably disappointed, even if the resulting drama was still one of the best movies that year. Investment banker Andrew Greene sued the Scorsese movie for using his likeness in a character called Nicky Koskoff, played by actor P.J. O’Byrne, who’s one of Jordan Belfort’s (Leonardo Di Caprio) greedy, amoral trader posse.

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    New Duncan Jones movie Mute is heading for Netflix

    Netflix subscribers rejoice… the new movie from Duncan Jones is heading directly for the streaming service as well as your local cinema. Skarsgård is starring in the sci-fi movie, which ‘Moon’ director Jones has said is indebted to the world of Ridley Scott’s ‘Blade Runner’.

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    Warcraft - Honest Trailers

    Dive into the video game movie that heightened our expectations of a video game movie, and then crushed them again - Warcraft!

  • NewsBen Arnold

    Duncan Jones Is 'Equally Proud And Furious' About Warcraft

    More than three years in the making, then savaged by critics and ignored by cinema-goers, it’s generally accepted that the big screen adaptation of online game ‘World of Warcraft’ was a bit of a disaster. Now its director Duncan Jones has admitted that he’s equal parts ‘proud and furious’ about how things turned out, describing the production as being like ‘death of 1000 cuts’.

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