The 10 scariest horror movies ever, decided by the internet

Halloween may have been and gone for another year, but horror movies are for watching all year round - not just on 31 October.

If you’re in the mood for a fright, one site has come up with an impressive metric to determine the scariest movies ever made.

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Reel Scary asks users to rate slasher flicks, haunted house thrillers and gory shockers out of ten based on three metrics: gore, suspense and how disturbing they are.

The result is a list of the ten scariest movies ever made, as determined by thousands of voters.

Surprisingly, there are some notable classics absent from the list, which does include ‘Dawn of the Dead’ and 'Cannibal Holocaust’ but is topped by 2008’s French-Canadian film 'Martyrs’.

In fact, the top four are all from the 21st century, with 2013’s 'Evil Dead’ remake, 'Wolf Creek’ and 'A Serbian Film’ occupying top spots.

You can view the complete list at the time of writing below.

1. Martyrs (2008)
2. Evil Dead (2013)
3. Wolf Creek (2005)
4. A Serbian Film (2010)
5. Dead Alive (1992)
6. Cannibal Holocaust (1980)
7. The Changeling (1980)
8. Inside (2007)
9. Eden Lake (2008)
10. Dawn of the Dead (1978)

There are also top 10 lists based on the three judging criteria.

Peter Jackson’s 'Braindead’ (known as 'Dead Alive’ in the US) tops the gore list, ahead of notorious ratings board-botherer 'Cannibal Holocaust’ and the 2013 'Evil Dead’ remake.

Unsurprisingly, there are also sevaral 'Saw’ films on the list.

'A Serbian Film’ tops the list of disturbing horror films (we think we know why too), ahead of 'Martyrs’ and 'Cannibal Holocaust’, while 'Alien’ is considered the most suspenseful horror ever, ahead of 'The Conjuring 2’ and 'Aliens’.


1. 'Dead Alive’ (1992)
2. 'Cannibal Holocaust’ (1980)
3. 'Evil Dead’ (2013)
4. 'Martyrs’ (2008)
5. 'Hostel: Part II’ (2007)
6. 'Hostel’ (2005)
7. 'Inside’ (2007)
8. 'Saw IV’ (2007)
9. 'Saw II’ (2005)
10. 'Saw’ (2004)


1. 'A Serbian Film’ (2010)
2. 'Martyrs’ (2008)
3. 'Cannibal Holocaust’ (1980)
4. 'Audition’ (1999)
5. 'The Exorcist’ (1973)
6. 'Antichrist’ (2009)
7. 'The Taking of Deborah Logan’ (2014)
8. 'Eden Lake’ (2008)
9. 'Inside’ (2007)
10. 'The Human Centipede II: Full Sequence’ (2011)


1. 'Alien’ (1979)
2. 'The Conjuring 2: The Enfield Poltergeist’ (2016)
3. 'Aliens’ (1986)
4. 'Eden Lake’ (2008)
5. 'The Shining’ (1980)
6. ’[Rec]’ (2007)
7. 'The Orphanage’ (2007)
8. 'It’ (1990)
9. 'Shutter’ (2004)
10. 'The Others’ (2011)

According to The Independent, Reel Scary plans to introduce a fourth scale for jump scares.

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