Everything we know about The Crow 2024 remake

Bill Skarsgård and FKA Twigs star in the gothic revenge flick

The Crow remake is coming to cinemas in 2024. (EFD)
After a few false starts, The Crow reboot is finally here. (EFD)

After years spent in development purgatory, The Crow 2024 remake is finally here, with IT star Bill Skarsgård stepping into the role made infamous by Brandon Lee in the 1994 original.

The first big-screen iteration of The Crow is best known for an on-set accident that tragically resulted in the death of its star, Lee, at just 28 years old. However, despite the controversy surrounding the movie, The Crow has emerged as a dark cult classic, spawning three direct-to-home-release sequels and a constantly-threatened remake.

Cut to 2024 and the latter is now in the can and almost ready to be unleashed on the world. So who’s starring in it, what’s the trailer like and when can we see it for ourselves? Here’s everything you need to know about the 2024 reboot of The Crow.

When will The Crow remake be released?

Bill Skarsgård as Eric Draven and FKW Twigs as Shelly Webster in The Crow. (EFD)
Bill Skarsgård as Eric Draven and FKW Twigs as Shelly Webster in The Crow. (EFD)

The Crow reboot will arrive in UK cinemas this summer, but an exact release date has yet to be announced. However, we do know that it will debut in the US on Friday, 7 June.

Is there a trailer for The Crow remake?

The first stylised – and very bloody – trailer for 2024’s reboot of The Crow flew online in early March.

Soundtracked to Post Malone’s 2019 track Take What You Want, it teased a twisted story of true love and bitter revenge that transcends life and death.

Watch it below.

What is the plot of The Crow remake?

Bill Skarsgård as Eric Draven and FKW Twigs as Shelly Webster in The Crow. (EFD)
The Crow will mark FKW Twigs feature film debut. (EFD)

The Crow is a tale of gothic revenge. In it, we meet Eric Draven, a musician who is brutally murdered alongside his girlfriend on the night before their wedding day.

However, when supernatural forces offer Draven the chance to return to the world of living as an entity known as The Crow, he embarks on a revenge mission to secure justice for those who robbed him and his soul mate fiancée of their lives.

Both the character and story of The Crow are based on the graphic novel series of the same name by author James O’Barr. The tale has death and tragic themes at its core; O’Barr was inspired to create the character as a way to deal with the grief of losing his partner who was killed by a drunk driver.

Of course, these themes were further cemented following the equally tragic events that took the life of Lee during the production of its 1994 film adaptation.

Who is starring in The Crow remake?

Bill Skarsgård in The Crow. (EFD/Lionsgate)
Bill Skarsgård in The Crow. (EFD/Lionsgate)

Skarsgård, perhaps best known for bringing Pennywise the Dancing Clown to life in director Andy Muschietti’s IT two-parter, will step into the macabre, black-and-white costume of Draven AKA The Crow.

Before Skarsgård landed the role, a range of other actors were considered to play The Crow in various, ultimately unrealised iterations of the project. These included names like Bradley Cooper, Jason Mamoa and Luke Evans.

Skarsgård will be joined by musician-turned-actor FKA Twigs as Draven’s murdered girlfriend Shelly Webster in the singer’s first major movie role. Elsewhere, we can expect to see American Horror Story star Danny Huston, The Woman King’s Jordan Bolger and Foundation’s Laura Birn in as-yet-undisclosed roles.

The film will be directed by Rupert Sanders, a British filmmaker whose previous credits include 2012’s Snow White and the Huntsman and 2017’s live-action Ghost in the Shell adaptation.

What happened on The Crow original movie?

Brandon Lee died in 1993 on the set of comic book adaptation 'The Crow'. (Credit: Miramax)
Brandon Lee died in 1993 on the set of comic book adaptation The Crow. (Credit: Miramax)

For those unaware, the star of 1994’s The Crow, Lee, was fatally wounded while shooting his character’s death scene in director Alex Proyas’s movie. The accident was the result of a prop gun accidentally misfiring a bullet that was mistakenly lodged in the barrel of the weapon whilst shooting a dummy round.

Lee was hit in the abdomen and later died as a result of his injuries.

This highly-publicised incident foreshadowed the similarly tragic events which took place more than two decades later on the set of Alec Baldwin’s Rust in 2021. Here, cinematographer Halyna Hutchins was shot and killed by a prop gun during an on-set accident.

The Crow remake will be released in UK cinemas this summer