This Emma Watson doll looks horrifyingly like Justin Bieber

Ben Arnold
'Horrifying'... fans are appalled at new Belle doll - Credit: Flickr
‘Horrifying’… fans are appalled at new Belle doll – Credit: Flickr

Oh god, why? WHY??

Just where does one start with this new Disney doll, on sale at US retailer JC Penney, and which is currently doing its very best to break the internet.

Unveiled to tie in with the release of the forthcoming live-action remake of ‘Beauty and the Beast’, it’s reputedly the likeness of ‘Harry Potter’ star Emma Watson, who’s playing Belle in the new movie.

But once the resemblance to a certain Canadian popstar is pointed out, it’s all you can think about.

Yep, from that moment on, it’s just Justin Bieber in a lovely yellow dress.

(Credit: AP)
(Credit: AP)

And, of course, the doll is now getting some pretty heavy rotation in the world of social media, at once amusing and slightly scary.

Doll collector William Herrington was the first to spot her, so you’ve him to thank.

“Found her at JCPenny. I really hope that the DS one looks a whole lot better because she’s creepy af. Gonna pass,” he noted.

To see the real Emma Watson in the real yellow dress, you’ll have to wait until March 17, when it’s released across the UK.

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