IT: Toddler's terrifying Pennywise photo shoot goes viral

Ben Arnold
(Credit: Eagan Tilghman)

Aren’t there laws about making toddlers look terrifying?

If not, there might be some sturdy legislation in the pipeline after 17-year-old photographer Eagan Tilghman from Mississippi’s latest project.

He’s made up his three-year-old brother Louie to look like Pennywise from Stephen King’s ‘It’, and the results are deeply unsettling.

Quite apart from the fact that he’s on train tracks in one picture, it’s just all far too creepy, thanks very much.

Sticking the shots up online, they’ve now gone viral, with tens of thousands of shares on Instagram and Twitter (plus a campaign to get the siblings on Ellen).

And in case you’re wondering what Eagan and Louie’s parents reckon about the whole thing, mum Brooke is totally on board.

This may freak some of you out. But my son Eagan Tilghman is sooooo creative. He was bored so he took his brother Louie…

Posted by Brooke Tilghman on Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Though that’s not a universal opinion.

To see the latest incarnation of ‘It’, Andres Muschetti’s new movie hits screens in the UK on September 8, with Bill Skarsgard as the monstrous clown.

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