Tom Cruise Hits London To Shoot Bus Crash Scene For The Mummy


Tom Cruise is back in action.

The diminutive actor is in London shooting ‘The Mummy’, the upcoming reboot of Universal’s classic monster franchise, and has been getting himself into a spot of bother with a 25 bus.

The star was snapped tumbling out of the top window of the overturned red double-decker, presumably after a tussle with an unseen supernatural force.


As is often the case with Cruise, he appears to be doing a lot of the stunts himself, receiving on-set instruction from a qualified stunt coordinator before throwing himself into the action, literally head-first.

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‘The Mummy’, coming to cinemas in 2017, sees Cruise facing off against Sofia Boutella (’Star Trek Beyond’) as the eponymous villain in a big budget supernatural adventure that will eventually cross over with other Universal monster properties including ‘Wolf Man’, ‘Van Helsing’, ‘Frankenstein’, and ‘The Invisible Man’.


Russell Crowe is set to cameo in ‘The Mummy’ as Dr. Jekyll, with Johnny Depp lined up to play the Invisible Man, Angelina Jolie the Bride of Frankenstein, and Javier Bardem as Frankenstein’s Monster in future films.