Tom Cruise feels the need for speed as the 'Top Gun: Maverick' trailer lands

The first trailer for Top Gun: Maverick has landed, and its bringing back that loving feeling.

Opening with the familiar gong of Harold Faltemeyer and Steve Stevens' Top Gun Anthem, the nostalgia is running high from the get-go, as Cruise is admonished for his lack of career advancement by his superior officer Ed Harris.

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It seems Captain Pete 'Maverick' Mitchell is still a smart ass, not the two-star admiral he might have become, preferring instead to fly planes, play topless volleyball and ride motorbikes.

Though he barely features here – we get the briefest of glimpses – the movie will find Miles Teller playing the son of Goose, Maverick's former co-pilot who died in the first movie.

Tom Cruise in Top Gun: Maverick (Credit: Paramount)
Tom Cruise in Top Gun: Maverick (Credit: Paramount)

Also on the bill is Jon Hamm, playing one of the flight instructors, Jennifer Connelly, Glenn Powell, Manny Jacinta, Jay Ellis and Val Kilmer, reprising his role as Tom 'Iceman' Kazansky.

Hamm told Collider that we should be ready for some eye-popping visuals.

“They’re using some technology on this that is never before seen,” he said. “We’re shooting the movie in, I think, 6K. So it’s incredibly hi-def. The aerial footage is mind-blowing. And it’s mostly practical. There’s not a lot of CG.

Top Gun: Maverick (Credit: Paramount)
Top Gun: Maverick (Credit: Paramount)

“Those guys are really up in planes and getting thrown around in multiple Gs.”

The first movie was a huge hit, making $350 million at the box office, somewhere in the region of $815 million in today's money.

We'll see if Top Gun: Maverick can reach such dizzy heights on June 16, 2020.