Tom Hanks and Tim Allen reveals the 'Toy Story' moments that reduced them to 'a puddle of tears'

Tim Allen, left, and Tom Hanks arrive at the world premiere of Toy Story 3 on Sunday June 13, 2010 at The El Capitan Theater in Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Katy Winn)
Tim Allen and Tom Hanks (Credit: AP Photo/Katy Winn)

Tom Hanks and Tim Allen – aka Woody and Buzz Lightyear – have been discussing the moments in the Toy Story series which got them all misty eyed.

The pair are back together and doing the press rounds for Toy Story 4, the latest chapter in the much-loved series.

And Hanks reckons that it's Toy Story 3 that has the most emotional moment, one which turned him into 'a puddle of tears'.

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“It was at the end of Toy Story, in which everyone was going to meet their fiery doom, and what did they do as they were reaching closer to the pit of eternity? They reached out for each other,” Hanks told E! News.

“Even toys were reaching out for the people that they love to say, 'You're here, I'm here and you're special to me'.”

You'll get us all going in a minute, Hanks.

Allen then explains that there's much in the forthcoming instalment that will make for a dusty screening of Toy Story 4.

It tells the story of new recruit Forky (voiced by Tony Hale), a plastic fork made into a toy by Bonnie, who struggles with his new found status as a plaything.

“I get choked up... Forky tells us all in this movie: You are never trash, you are worth something to somebody. It's just a wonderful story,” Allen said.

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Hanks said last month that Allen texted him to warn him about some of the final scenes in the fourth movie.

“This is the end of the series and I had gotten some texts from Tim Allen,” he told Ellen DeGeneres.

“These texts that say, 'Have you recorded yet? Have you been in? Have you had a session yet? I said, 'No, not yet.' [Allen says] 'Wait until you see those last pages. Tough one, tough one.'”

"And it was! The last few sessions we're saying goodbye to Woody and Buzz and Bonnie's room and Andy and everybody."

Also starring Annie Potts, Joan Cusack, Wallace Shawn, Keegan-Michael Key, Jordan Peele, Keanu Reeves, and Christina Hendricks, it's out on June 21.