Tom Hiddleston mocked for 'humblebrag speech' at the Golden Globes

Ben Arnold

Tom Hiddleston doesn’t like to talk about his charity work… oh no, hang on, he DOES like to talk about his charity work.


And on picking up his gong at last night’s Golden Globes for his role in ‘The Night Manager’ for the BBC, he mentioned some of it, y’know, just in passing.

“I recently went to South Sudan, which is the youngest country in the world, in East Africa,” he explained as he got up on stage.

“With the United Nations Children’s Fund. I do a little bit of work with them to spread the word as fast as I can. It’s a terrible situation for children there. The Night Manager is about arms dealing, and there are far too many arms coming into South Sudan.”

(Credit: Kikapress)
(Credit: Kikapress)

He didn’t leave it there, however, just dropping in that he was once having a meal when he was approached by a group from Médecins Sans Frontières who explained how they ‘binge-watched’ ‘The Night Manager’.

“The idea that we could provide some relief and entertainment for the people who work for Unicef and Médecins Sans Frontières, and the World Food Program who are fixing the world in the places it is broken made me immensely proud.

“I dedicate this to those out there who are doing their best.”

He undoubtedly meant well, of course he did, drawing much-needed attention to the situation in South Sudan, but many saw it as edging perilously into the realm of the humble brag.

Christian Slater’s reaction in particular – those raised brows! – was priceless, ditto Naomie Harris seeming to audibly sigh with her eyes.

Still, congrats Tom. Great job.

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