Top 10 craziest movie twist endings

There's nothing like a twist at the end of a film to get people talking about it, is there? Even if it can be an all-too-familiar and often lazy device from movie-makers at times. But let's leave all the 'OMG! You mean it was all just a dream?!' rubbish-ending DVDs nestling unbought in the 24 hour petrol station's big white wire discount bin - along with the ice scrapers and shop-damaged Creme Eggs - and celebrate ten of the truly great (and truly crazy) movie endings that you never saw coming...


'The Usual Suspects' - 1995
The Twist: Verbal Kint's entire story to the police was a lie and he himself is the legendary crime lord, Keyser Söze...
Why it was surprising: Limpy, weak Verbal (Kevin Spacey) is routinely bullied and barracked throughout the film and Söze's such a petrifying criminal mastermind, he makes Blofeld look like Garfield.

'Se7en' - 1995
The Twist: "What's in the box?! What's in the box?!" Screams Det. Mills (Brad Pitt) to serial killer John Doe (Kevin Spacey). Oh. It's Mills' pregnant wife's head (awk-ward...!). So Mills shoots him.
Why it was surprising: We knew we still had the sixth and seventh victims to go, but noone expected a beheaded Gywneth Paltrow, did they...?

'The Mist' - 2007
The Twist: Convinced there are no survivors of the attack by the other-worldly tentacle-y monsters and facing certain death, David Drayton (Thomas Jane) shoots his three passengers - including his eight-year-old son in a mercy killing. He gets out of the car to discover... soldiers. A rescue mission had been successful - they'd all have survived...
Why it was surprising: While it's a very good sci-fi thriller and not the most uplifting, nothing could prepare you for an ending as bleak and jarring as this one. Shocking stuff.

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'The Sixth Sense' - 1999
The Twist: Dr. Crowe (Bruce Willis) is a ghost...!
Why it was surprising: When you watch one of director M. Night Shyamalan's movies now you expect a twist at the end (if you can get that far - his films really are terrible nowadays). This was his breakthrough picture though and no one was expecting such a huge reveal at the end (a bit like in 'Boogie Nights'...).

'Fight Club' - 1999
The Twist: Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt) is the subconscious alter-ego of our nameless narrator/hero (Edward Norton)...
Why it was surprising: You're so caught up in the stylised appearance, snappy script and visceral violence, your brain barely has room for anything else and then BAM!

'Memento' - 2000
The Twist: Leonard (Guy Pearce) knows that Teddy (Joe Pantoliano) didn't kill his wife, yet he sets it up so that he'll think he did anyway...
Why it was surprising: It was only really surprising if you could keep up with the delicately intricate plot, which was told in reverse order. A real melon-twister of a mind-bender.

'Planet of the Apes' - 1968
The Twist: Astronaut George Taylor (Charlton Heston) sees a blown-up Statue of Liberty on the mystery planet run by those 'Goddamn dirty apes' and realises he's actually on Earth, but in the future...
Why it was surprising: You didn't get many endings like that back then, although it's not that surprising now. Especially if you watched it on DVD and even briefly glanced at the cover - a cover which has a huge picture of the Statue of Liberty on it!

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'The Crying Game' - 1992
The Twist: She's a man...!
Why it was surprising: Like the contents of of his underwear, Dil (Jaye Davidson)'s identity was pretty well hidden throughout the film. It was a 'reveal' also seen with Lt. 'Lois' Einhorn in 'Ace Ventura: Pet Detective' a few years later.

'Chinatown' - 1974
The Twist: Evelyn Mulwray (Faye Dunaway)'s daughter is also her sister...
Why it was surprising: Incest isn't the kind of subject normally dealt with in Oscar-winning films, is it?

'Psycho' - 1960
The Twist: Murderous motelier Norman Bates' (Anthony Perkins) over-bearing mother is long dead. He was talking to himself all along...
Why it was surprising: Director Alfred Hitchcock loved a twist ending, but even so - themes and imagery this shocking and creepy (Hello, Mother's wig-wearing skeleton!) were pretty rare five decades ago.

There's no surprise incest, mental illness or hidden packages ending to this feature though readers (sorry). Just a question:

What are your favourite twist endings?

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