Top Gun 2 Screenwriter Provides Update


Jerry Bruckheimer and Tom Cruise have both been very open about their plans for ‘Top Gun 2′. After speculation that a sequel was in the works, Bruckheimer uploaded an image of himself and Cruise as they held a meeting for the potential blockbuster.

Screenwriter Justin Marks has now been tasked with writing the first script for ‘Top Gun 2′, and he’s been talking about his approach to creating and modernising this world.

Justin Marks explained to Creative Screenwriting, “When the opportunity came when they said they needed a new writer to start to figure out what this movie could be, I really just approached it from that place of, ‘Well, what would I not want it to be? What would it ruin for me? What would really, really make me angry if I saw it on screen?”

“How would I start to build a story that would feel like an evolution from the first film, but also feels like something that would very much connect us to why we loved ‘Top Gun’ and Maverick as a character in the first place.”

In order to help him in his process, Justin Marks, who insisted that the original Top Gun was one of the most important movies of his life, admitted that he has conducted some rather extensive research on Joint Strike Fighers, which he is confident will end up in his script.

“With ‘Top Gun’ just researching the Joint Strike Fighters, the F-35, the different notions of where the Navy is today was a very interesting insight and it started to give me ideas of what ‘Top Gun’ would represent in a current era,” Marks enthused.


It’s previously been teased that Justin Marks’ ‘Top Gun 2′ screenplay, which he has been working on since around September 2014, would focus on “drone technology and fifth generation fighters,” with Skydane CEO David Ellison confirming that it would explore “the end of an era of dogfighting and fighter pilots and what that culture is today.”

‘Top Gun 2′ producer Jerry Bruckheimer and star Tom Cruise appear to have made a rather savvy choice of screenwriter, as Justin Marks’ wrote the script for ‘The Jungle Book’, which has so far grossed over $314.2 million after being met with overwhelmingly positive reviews.

As well as the returning Tom Cruise, Val Kilmer has also insisted that he will be reprising his role as Iceman in ‘Top Gun 2′, too.

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